Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much water?
    • Once established, Ruschia 'Nana' only requires a deep overhead irrigation once every 8-10 days during summer; less at other times during the year.  
  • How much sun?
    • Ruschia 'Nana' will do best in full sun, but tolerates a minimum of a half day of sunlight. 
  • When should I plant?
    • Ruschia 'Nana' can be planted year around. Fill in will be most rapid fastest between April (after frost) and September.
  • Where can I plant?
    • Ruschia 'Nana' is adapted to USDA climate zones 9a and higher. Foliage remains green year around in these climate zones.
  • Is it durable?
    • Yes, once established Ruschia 'Nana' is extremely tough. Takes foot traffic, and it ha no known diseases or pests.